All these links to websites and forums are the ones I have found since I started looking about Surfing The Great Lakes back in 2008. I am sure there are other ones out there that could be very useful as well.
Therefore, if you know other websites that you find useful, please share them with us and I will add them to this list. After all, that is what this blog is all about - sharing.

Keep the stoke and the search alive!

Websites to follow weather & surf conditions in the Great Lakes.

The following are websites I have been using during the past few years to know what is going on around in the lakes. The information provided by these sites is not 100% accurate. I usually look at all of these sites and put together all the data gathered and make my own decisions. Keep in mind that getting `burnt` is always possible :)

Sites are in the order that I tend to look at them based on the reliability or importance of the information shown. 
Environment Canada - Marine Weather for Canada

1. Click whichever region of the lake you want to look at. 
2. Select options from the drop down menu bars on the top: Jump to Nowcast Products / Jump to Forecast Products)

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
(Select `Winds, Waves, Ice` on the lake you want to look at.)

The Great Lakes Operational Forecast System

1. Select the lake you want to look at.
2. Select the type of information you want to know (water, wind, waves or temperature). I usually look at wind and waves.

The Weather Network

The Weather Network - Bluffers Park

The Weather Network - Bond Head

The Weather Network - Kincardine

Forums about Surfing the Great Lakes

Fresh Coast Surf

Origin Surf

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