Friday, 2 May 2014

The Cove Beach Clean Up #8

I am happy to announce our already CLASSIC THE COVE BEACH CLEAN UP #8 this Sunday May 4, 2014 at our usual place 'The Cove' at Bluffer's Park, Scarborough, ON.

Every year we receive more and more sponsors. Last year we had a couple of baskets full of surf gear and equipment that we gave away to our participants! This year is not the exception - we have shirts and wetsuits among other really cool stuff from our various sponsors! Come check it out and have a blast rain or shine!

Here comes a quick little bit of story for you: Over the past years Larry and I have been working on our surf community increasing the level of environmental awareness and friendship. Our main goal was always to give back to Mother Nature for the blessing that we have and that is surf - among many other things! We are grateful about the surf opportunity we have in The Great Lakes and specifically in Lake Ontario near Toronto. It was our magical place since day 1. Ever since we started 'The Cove Beach Clean Up' we have been joined by lots of people in this mission we have set for ourselves. Big thanks to all the awesome friends and sponsors who have given us a hand when we had nothing to get this event going and who continue standing next to us to show support for our surf community.

Since the first beach clean up we held, we have seen larger numbers of participants at every event - surfers and non-surfers, people we know and some other people and families who decide to join us when they see us having fun! We have also seen the initiative by other members of our surf community to start their own ways of helping out and growing that environmental awareness. We are delighted to see this happen and would love to see this trend continue and infect everyone!

Event Goals:
  • Give back to Mother Nature.
  • Increase environmental awareness.
  • Unite the Surf Community in one big social event.
  • Encourage sharing, friendship and  camaraderie.
  • Have a great time with family and friends. 
  • Make the  Surf Scene in Toronto a better one by creating a friendly environment where everyone is welcomed and respected.
 Hope to see you all out there this Sunday at 10.30AM Rain or Shine!!!

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  1. Thanks so much Antonio Acuña for your hard work and dedication.I'm very sure that this twice a year tradition will be carried by the new generation forever. Great things comes from great people and communities. Cheers!