Thursday, 20 February 2014

Busy dreamer; surfer at heart; lucky man!

Photo: Brian Batista Bettencourt - Helene & Antonio
In the past year things have been moving very quickly for me. Several life changes, new doors opening, opportunities taken, changes made, new plans created, graduated from University, business developed and started, and met the most amazing woman I have ever met - she was the catalyst for all of these.

With every month that goes by I learn that the things that were important for me before aren't important anymore. When I found Surf in the Great Lakes, I realized that the important thing in life is
Larry C, Antonio A, Stephanie K. @Kincardine 1st Surf Event 2013
not to do crazy things or be someone crazy/important. What really matters is that whatever it is that you decided to do and makes you happy can be shared with others - namely your friends and family. Lately I have been working hard at it. Why not - I met Helene Filion and my world changed instantaneously. All of a sudden what others thought impossible or too difficult to even try became possible and realistic. We have been working on our dreams together since the day we met. We've had plenty of adventures around the Great Lakes and met an amazing group of human beings that are also in search for the same thing and we can proudly call friends. It is something that connects and unifies all Surfers and Great Lake Surfers out there (SUPers as well!!!). A vivid and pure desire to live, experiment and share.

@Kincardine 1st Surf Event '13 - Receiving Aloha Spirit Award

Derek M, Gillian S, Antonio A, Helene F, Robin P. @ Kincardine 1st Surf Event 2013 - Celebration
With that in mind we have created 'You Surf'. The basic idea is we want to share what brings us so much happiness and excitement with everyone else out there. The best way for us to do it is by teaching SURF and SUP to everyone.

1st Surf event in Rochester, NY 2013 - GL surfers stoked
We want to get everyone started on an amazing adventure on the water. Because that is exactly what it is. Once you get started Surfing or SUPing you will enter another whole world and will live through countless adventures with us and on your own - that I promise you! A world that you never even thought could exist. How could you? You never tried to jump in the water when air temperatures dropped below 10C, let alone -20C. You never thought of driving 6 hours one way to try and get lucky to find something - in our case Surf. You never thought of taking out your SUP with friends on an early summer morning and enjoy the calm of the lakes while the fog and sunrises and animals of all sorts awake and start another day.

You never thought you would meet the people you will meet once you start surfing or SUPing the Great Lakes. We want to give people that extra support to really get out there and enjoy life; have fun, learn about their environment, stay healthy and share all their love and passion!

If you want to know more keep an eye on this blog. If you want to find out more for yourself take a look at our website and 'like' us on Facebook!

Cheers to see you all on the water soon!



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